The strength of Brooklyn Park is in its diversity. That is why it is necessary to take from people of different
nationalities and mentalities their positive ideas based on their national origin, and use it for the benefit of all
residents. I think it is necessary to be in contact with my constituents, to receive and study their opinions on all vital
issues of city life.

In 2016
I personally met with more than a 1000 members of households and discussed with them my program,
methods of its implementation, and concerns and suggestions of my constituents from West District of Brooklyn Park.
All these people approved my program, real ways of its realization which I suggest, and endorsed me as candidate
for Brooklyn Park City Council.  
In 2018 between May 22 and June 5, I met and discussed my program with 368 voters from Central, West and East
districts of Brooklyn Park. They signed my nomination petition which put my name on the ballot for August 14, 2018
Municipal Primary Elections.

As a result of my meetings with my voters I determined
6 main problems in the city, requiring resolution:

1. High level of criminal activity in the city, growing during the last 9 years, since 2009, originating mainly from renters
in homeowners’ associations (HOA) and renters of single-family houses. This is the result of malpractice of slum
landlords who don’t do criminal background checks of their prospective renters, and care only about their personal

2. Passive position of residents who want safety and improvement of life in the city, parks cleaned of trash and
drug traffic, stopping growth of taxes on their homes, real lowing of crime level in their neighborhoods, opening of
new restaurants, shops, repair shops in the city, better working Police Department and Code Enforcement and
Public Health Department. However, these people don’t want to be involved into making all these improvements

3. Bad image of the city which scares away people wanting to open new businesses in Brooklyn Park, and is making
old businesses leave the city. This leads to the drop in real market value of homes in Brooklyn Park.

4. Absence of the main attribute of thriving city – Main Street, - beautifully architected and decorated with flowers,
with cozy restaurants, boutique shops, art saloons, where my constituents want to have a rest after work, entertain,
meet with other city residents.   

5. Absence of trust and respect in city residents towards Councilmembers and Mayor, and reluctance to vote now
and ever.

6. Closures of elementary schools in neighborhoods, low quality of school education due to increased
student/teacher ratio, unfavorable school environment, lack of modern technical equipment. Closure of elementary
schools makes families with young children sell their homes and move to other cities. As a result, our city population
becomes older, market value of homes goes down.


To take real measures to improve life in Brooklyn Park, so that residents of neighboring cities won’t have grounds
to nickname it “Crooklyn Park” or “Brooklyn Dark”, instead of using PR agency for $150 thousand from
city budget for creating make-believe image, like it was unsuccessfully done by City Council in 2014.
measures which I suggest to fulfill this:
a)  Work out and add to city rules a new rule which will obligate landlords to do criminal background checks
of prospective renters, which will help to lower crime in Brooklyn Park –
key point for resolving many other problems
in the city: dropping of real market value of homes, bad image of the city, etc.
b) Work out and add to city rules a new rule which will obligate landlords to evict within a month their renters who
maliciously repeatedly violate city codes/rules, enforced by Code Enforcement and Public Health Department.   
c)  Work out and add to city rules a new rule which will obligate landlords to submit to the Police Department and to
Rental and Business Licensing Department copies of Leasing Agreements within a week after concluding them.
d)  Work out and add to city rules a new rule which will obligate Police Department to control whether the number of
renters on rental property matches to their number and names on the Leasing Agreement.

2. Raise market value of homes and the image of the city: by real decrease of crime in Brooklyn Park; by attraction of
new businesses necessary for residents, close to their homes, which will create job places for Brooklyn Park
residents; by improving quality of school education through optimization of student/teacher ratio, school environment,
technical equipment.

3. Work out a program aimed at prevention of crime and creation of environment eliminating crime, with the use of
innovations from successful European experience.

4. Stop constant growth of real property taxes for homeowners and put tax burden on big companies.  

5. Return to the people their trust into City Council and Mayor through positive resolution of their problems, so that
more Brooklyn Park voters would want to take part in the next Municipal Elections.

6. Help my constituents always achieve satisfaction when they contact city offices with their problems and requests,
by sending me via e-mail and mail their requests/complaints rejected by city departments along with the answers
from city departments.

7. Improve the control on the enforcement of city rules by appropriate city offices.

8. Study citizens’ opinions by City Council before adopting the budget and other documents, affecting interests of the
majority of Brooklyn Park residents.

9.  Clean out parks off trash and drug traffic. Install lights in city parks, where they are absent in order to prevent
vandalism and drug trafficking..

10. Install in several parks all-season, outdoor exercise equipment (for different groups of muscles and joints) for
adults, free of charge to use, like those I saw travelling as sports journalist stringer to major competitions in Beijing in
2007, in Moscow in 2013, in Rio de Janeiro in 2011.

11. Boost cultural life by creating Brooklyn Park Arts Gallery for hosting visual art exhibitions: picture, sculpture,
photo, live performance, etc.

12. Use funds from city budget to motivate young people to choose sport, healthy life style, to refuse from tobacco,
alcohol and drugs.
13. Attract funds from businesses and companies for realization of charitable city projects, such as mass sports
competitions, cultural festivals and events.

I have got necessary education and practical experience in economics, management; since 2009, for 9 years
have been studying and using in Minnesota courts federal and state laws, and case law. However, for
implementation of my program of life improvement in Brooklyn Park I need your
votes by writing me into the ballot on
November 6, 2018
, and also your active help through sending me your concerns, suggestions, remarks via
e-mail, regular mail now and during next 4 years of my service as Brooklyn Park Mayor.  
or lose!
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Some of my constituents from over a thousand households in West District, who approved my
program of improvements in Brooklyn Park and ways of its implementation, signed my nomination
petition and endorsed me.
With Daniel Keil, US Navy veteran
With Linsay Keil
With David McLellan, who devoted 30 years to service in law
With Verlyn Husman in May 2016 before his rally around
National Parks
With Sergey A. Porada, Head of my election campaign (left)
and prominent Minnesota artist Jon Neuse (center)
With Darrel Sodren, US Navy veteran
With Brian Wallace
With  Shirley Posey
With Clay Christian, US Air Force veteran
With Tom Guttormson
On photos 1-3 is BMW 745LI which was badly damaged on the parking lot of
Strawberry Commons Condominium Association on 72nd Lane N , Brooklyn Park
during the night of June 7-8, 2016
A sofa and treadmill which I discovered on
July 1, 2016  illegally  disposed by someone
in Greenhaven Park and which stayed there
several days
Three photos of adult work-out station in the park near Capacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Fourth photo above and
video of training devices being used on bus stops in Rio. Both workout sites have got picture instructions how to exercise.
Click on the right photo to watch the video.
Beijing, China. A group of people is
playing jianzi game in front  of
outdoor workout station in the park
near apartment buildings. Others
exercise on outdoor devices.
With Joua P. Xiong
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photos are property of
RunGlobalmedia and
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©All Rights Reserved. All photos are
property of RunGlobalmedia and cannot be
reproduced without written permission
With Jena Peterson, Marine Corps veteran,
Chevalier of The Military Order of the Purple Heart
With Gary Sakry Navy veteran
With John and Sharon Pavloff
Two years passed, and I again visited
Greenhaven Park on May 26, 2018
during gathering signatures for my
Nomination Petition for Mayor of
Brooklyn Park. Nothing changed in
this park. This time dirty old mattress
was disposed on the lawn in front of
Click here to listen to my program of 2016 candidate to City Council of Brooklyn Park. Two years passed,
however, growth of crime in the city, absence of real control of city rules enforcement by responsible city departments
and City Manager, remain the main problems of Brooklyn Park. That is why my program of 2018 candidate for Mayor
of Brooklyn Park is focused on the resolution of these same main problems of the city.
Listen to my
statement of Mayoral candidate, August 9, 2018, to Runglobalmedia Channel:
Make a note on your calendar to come to your polling place on  

November 6, 2016, between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. and                       for Yelena S.
Kurdyumova by writing her name into spare box for Brooklyn Park Mayor on
November 6, 2018 ballot
(according to Minn. Stat. §204C.22 subd.4).
It is very important to spell my first and last name correctly MAKING WRITE-IN:
Y-E-L-E-N-A  S.  K-U-R-D-Y-U-M-O-V-A  and to stay within the box. Don't put any
your of signatures or initials.
Don’t place pre-printed stickers on the ballot in the write-in space
See links to very interesting articles telling about multiple successes of voters in different states,
who achieved election of write-in candidates for public offices through writing in their names into
spare boxes on the ballots at general elections.
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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Wins as a Write-In Candidate…   
History: Write-in candidates that have been elected
On August 20, 2018 Yelena addressed voters with 3-minute post-primary election video statement.
See on Runglobalmedia Channel:
On August 17, 2018, Yelena
S. Kurdyumova answered
the question of Sun post
Brooklyn Park newspaper
Kevin Miller about her
reaction to the results of
primary elections by sending
her Letter to the Editor, which
was published in August 23
edition of the newspaper.
Reed in on-line version of
Sun Post