Yelena S Kurdyumova  is founder, owner and President of innovative company  International Interpreting,
Translation & PR Services, LLC, (see ) providing interpreting, translation,
language teaching and PR service in the U.S.A., and worldwide, and creating jobs for Brooklyn Park residents.
At the invitation of former Secretary of State Mark Ritchie the company  participated in
‘US-Russia Innovation
Conference’ on March 24-26, 2014 in St. Paul. MN, USA. (see more about the Conference on informational and
analytical media-source
Yelena is professional photo-journalist and photo-artist, continuing artistic traditions of her family: grandmother,
father, uncle and brother.
In 2007 she was awarded the "Outstanding Achievement in Photography Award" from International Society of
Photographers (USA). She had several personal
photo-exhibitions in Europe and Minnesota, USA. Watch video-
presentation of one of her personal exhibitions. She is the member of Minnesota artistic community.

Yelena is the founder, owner, video and photo editor of innovative Runglobalmedia Channell in YouTube which
brings you fresh news on sports, culture and travel in the USA and worldwide.
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Yelena is a professional linguist, graduate (1981) of one
of the best linguistic universities in the world -
State Linguistics University (Former Maurice Torez
Institute of Foreign Languages) Moscow, Russia - 5
years, with Master’s degree in English lecturing and the
Diploma giving the right to teach in universities and
colleges; graduate of 2-year Postgraduate Course at
Higher Courses of Interpreters at the same university –
Master’s degree in English-Russian-English consecutive
and simultaneous interpreting, written translation, literary
editing, Spanish language. Qualified as a top category
English Language interpreter-reviewer, expert-linguist.
Also: 6-months accounting course at Moscow State
Technical University; 12-month course of international
law at Russian Union of Journalists.
Yelena provided teaching and interpreting service in
Europe since 1981 and continues providing it in the
U.S.A. since 1995. She is a member
of American
Translators Association (ATA), International
Federation of Translators (IFT),
National Language
Service Corps (USA)
Since 2002 Yelena is a member of International Federation of Journalists
(IFJ), freelance writer and photo journalist-stringer, since 2011-
Editor-in-Chief of English version of , creator, owner
and web-master of this and 2 more websites.
Yelena is a contributor to national and international newspapers,
magazines and web sites, including International Association of Athletics
Federations (IAAF), European Athletics Association (EAA); magazines -
Running Times (USA), Distance Running (Great Britain), FotoTravel (Rus),
Russia-China Century 21, etc.
She is a curator of international cultural and sports projects and is engaged
in organization of art exhibition exchange.
Yelena is successful PR manager with 7-year experience of heading
PR Department of the Executive Committee for Mass Competitions & Sports
Festivals of Moscow Municipality, which successfully raised funds receiving
substantial donations from businesses for organizing and conducting of a
dozen of mass sports competitions and festivals during a calendar year on
charitable basis in the city with 12-million population.  
Yelena is former competitive
figure skater and now a part-time
figure skating coach. She is the
member of Moscow Board of
Athletics Judges; former PR
Director of Moscow International
Peace Marathon.
Yelena is competitive runner and
swimmer, assistant of coach and
manager of elite distance runners
Sergey A. Porada.
Yelena chooses active life style
and regularly practices in
distance running, swimming and
mountain climbing. For many
years Yelena has been running
every day, four seasons at least
3.2 miles. She reached dozens of
summits in Rocky Mountains in
North America, including Mt.
Ypsilon, Mt. Chiquita, Mt. Ida, Flat
Top Mountain, Twin Sisters
Peaks, Table Mountain, etc.     
Yelena became Brooklyn Park
resident 11 years ago, in 2009,
after her return from Europe,
where she had 4-year
experience as interpreter,
translator, freelance journalist-
stringer, and PR manager.
Using the best of her experience
in life and work in foreign
countries, Yelena started her
service for the benefits of
Brooklyn Park community in
2010, when she was elected for
three years into Human Rights
Commission of Brooklyn Park.
In 2012 the commission
received  “National Winds of
Change Award.” In 2013, after
Yelena completed her duties in
this Commission she was
awarded commemorative plaque.
In February 2013,Yelena  was
elected for 4 years to Hennepin
County Human Resources Board
where she served 16 months
before she was nominated for
Mayor of Brooklyn Park in 2014.
Yelena (2nd from left) with a group
of participants in US-Russia
Innovation Conference (March 24-26
2014) during the visit to the
University of Minnesota, Duluth
and other innovative businesses in
Northeastern Minnesota.
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Yelena in the European office of her
company International Interpreting,
Translation & PR Services, LLC. 2009
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Human Rights Commission of the City of Brooklyn Park before receiving National Winds of
Change Award in 2012
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Yelena coaches children in St. Louis Park Recreation Center
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Yelena with Richard Nealis, Director of
Marine Corps Marathon, Washington DC.
Yelena was the guest of Hall of Fame
reception in 2010
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Yelena interviewing former world record holder in
marathon Khalid Khannouchi, Chicago Marathon
weekend 2010.
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Yelena Kurdyumova was awarded with commemorative plaque In Recognition of her
Dedicated Service on The Human Rights Commission of the City of Brooklyn Park by
Mayor Jeff Lande at Brooklyn Park Council meeting on March 25, 2013. Listen to her
watch video
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Yelena on the top of Twin Sisters Peak, Rocky Mountains
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Yelena's personal practice after finishing
training session with children in St. Louis
Park Recreation Center
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Yelena's running workout on Palmer Lake Trail (t 12F)
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Yelena at the opening of an art exhibition in a St. Paul
art gallery, looking for new interesting authors for
organisation of their exhibitions in Europe.
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Conversation after service with Very Rev. Evhen Kumka, the priest of
St. Michael's & St. George's Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Minneapolis.
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Yelena with Sergey M. Bubnovskiy, Doctor of
Medicine, Professor, author of innovative
non-operational methods of treatment -
Kenezatherapy (defended by 8 patents) after
concluding the agreement on translation into English
and publishing in the U.S.A. of his several books,
which teach people how to gain control of their bodies
(intelligent body) and get back their health and trust in
their own powers. At present more than 100 centers
in 8 countries work on Bubnovsky's methods. Photo   
November 2013, Moscow, Russia.
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Yelena served on the Board of Directors of Nasha Shkola Charter
School which moved to Brooklyn Park from Minnetonka in 2017. It
gives an opportunity to children from the Kindergarten to the 8th
grade, simultaneously with learning the curriculum of an American
school, to learn free of charge Russian Language, literature, history,
geography, music and art (incorporated throughout curriculum and
taught in English).
Highly qualified and diverse team of educators teach Core
Knowledge curriculum, Singapore Math (plus "Russian" approach to
teaching math); ESL for students non-proficient in spoken English,
Music Program (Choir and Theater group).
On August 25, 2017, Yelena S. Kurdyumova was interviewed about
Nasha Shkola charter school  by CCX Media reporter Sonya Goins.
and listen...
Nasha Shkola Charter School is located at 6717 85th Avenue North
Brooklyn Park, MN 55445.
Yelena on the top of Table Mountain, Rocky Mountains. Grand Teton, Middle Teton and South
Teton are at the background.
See the movie by Sergey Porada & Yelena Kurdyumova about the
climb to the top of Table Mountain on their Runglobalmedia channel in YouTube.
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Yelena S. Kurdyumova - Independent candidate for Mayor of Brooklyn Park
Mayor's seat in Brooklyn Park is vacant now!
Former Mayor Jeff Lande was elected to Hennepin County Board of Commissioners and
resigned from the Mayor's position on January 3, 2021
Vote for Yelena at special primary election on April 13, 2021!
and then at special election on August 10, 2021!
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