or lose!
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The City of Brooklyn Park has a lot of issues to be
For successful work for the benefits of the City, Mayor
and  Council members must not only have new
innovative knowledge and ideas, but also be fit and in
excellent sports shape.
However, not only Mayor and Councilmembers, but,
first, Brooklyn Park residents must get into good shape.
For this, it is important to learn to start every day the way
mayoral candidate Yelena S. Kurdyumova and her family
members start
In Europe, where Yelena was born, people say: “In
sound mind is in a sound body.” The city, where most of
the residents choose healthy life-style, abandon drugs,
alcohol and tobacco, have got more chances of
successful development and prosperity.
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step to health and better life. Event continues through the year.
Contact Yelena through the contact page of this website to:
- Meet and run 3.2 mile loop with Yelena on Palmer Lake Trail (on the parking lot 2800 69th Ave. N, Brooklyn
Center or parking
lot on Palmer Lake Dr. W)
- Have a free running test and receive consultation and training plan on preparing for Twin Cities Marathon and 10 Miles on
October 7, 2018 from the coach and manager of international elite distance runners Sergey A.Porada.
- Ask Yelena questions on her program, tell about you vision of the city of Brooklyn Park problems, and give your suggestions
on their resolution.
- Suggest venue/space for fundraising event, posting campaign signs and give a donation for Yelena’s campaign to print and
mail campaign flyers.
Yelena's every day 5 km run on Palmer Lake Trail.
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Today, November 1, 2016, in the University branch of Affinity Plus Federal Credit
Union at 2520 University Av. SE, the exhibition of 21 photos by Yelena S.
Kurdyumova “Sardinia. The footstep of the God” (Part 1) was opened. Hours of
operation M-F 9 a.m.-5p.m., Sat. 9a.m.-12 p.m. Holiday closings: Nov.11 and 24.
This exhibition demonstrates Yelena’s visioning of Brooklyn Park in 2025 as a
result of her work as Councilmember

Due to the interest of the public to the exhibition, it was extended till
January 2, 2017. Sergey A. Porada added his vision of the theme by
showing 13 new photos "Sardinia. The Footstep of the God. Part 2"
The exhibition of 21 photographs “Sardinia. The Footstep of the God” (Part 1) gives a
chance to see this rocky and amazingly beautiful island, second largest in the
Mediterranean Sea, through the camera lens of a well-known European sports and
travel journalist and photographer, member of International Federation of Journalists
(IFJ), Yelena S. Kurdyumova.
Sardinians are confident of divine genesis of their land. They believe that their island,
reminding in shape of a human footstep, is the first step of the God on the Earth, left by
the Creator on the granite rocks, which raised from the Mediterranean Sea. Geologists
consider Sardinia to be the first piece of European continent to raise out of the ocean,
and archeologists assert that the island became one of the first places inhabited by
Sardinia is famous for its over 5,500-year-old historical sites and natural phenomena. It
has 300 sunny days in the year, more than in any other part of Italy, and 1,150 miles of
excellent beaches. Combination of sea and mountain air creates a special climate,
good for fast recovery of strength. No wonder, most of Italian 100-year-olds live on
Sardinia is an autonomous region of Italy with special status. It was not discovered by
tourists until 1960s and even now is unknown to many. Still several years ago Sardinia
remained the island of billionaires, celebrities, and politicians. Costa Smeralda
(Emerald Coast) is considered a “private club” of world’s elite. Porto Chervo is the heart
of the resort. Here, the number of yachts of distinguished guests dazzles the eyes. The
assortment of boutiques on famous Plaza Piazzetta will strike at the heart the most
sophisticated lovers of shopping.
You will find on Sardinia a mixture of Mauritanian, Spanish, and Roman styles, ruins of ancient
cities from the age of flourishing of Roman Empire, Nuraghes – megalithic stone constructions in
the form of conic towers, Tombs of Giants, built by the Nuragic civilization during the Bronze Age
(3300 – 700 BC). These megalithic gallery graves were used by the Nuragic people as public
tombs, for the burials of many individuals from these early societies. Ancient Watch Towers stand
on the hills along the shore line of the island.
You will admire bitter honey – the pride of Sardinians, and divine beverages grappa and mirto, a
liqueur unique to the islands of Sardinia and Corsica, made from the berries of the flowering Mirto
(or Myrtle) plant. Sardinians don’t consider themselves Italians and except culinary traditions and
cuisine they have little in common. Sardinians are friendly, affable, and render guests a warm
Becoming a photo-artist, Yelena continued artistic traditions of her family – her grandmother,
father, uncle and brother. She graduated from Moscow State Linguistic University, one of the best
in the world. She completed 5-year basic course and 2 -year postgraduate course with master’s
degree and 2 diplomas: expert-linguist, English lecturer for universities and colleges; and top
category English Language interpreter-reviewer, written translator, literary editor.
Yelena is the owner and President of International Interpreting, Translation & PR Services LLC,
member of American Translation Association (ATA) and International Federation of Translators
(IFT). From 2002 Yelena is a freelance writer and photo journalist-stringer. Her reports and photos
are published by leading world sports web and paper sources: International Association of
Athletics Federations (IAAF), European Athletics Association (EAA), Distance Running (UK),
Running Times (USA), etc.
Yelena is a participant of many international press-tours organized by National Tourism Offices -
Israel, Malta, Italy, Turkey, China and others.
In 2007 she was awarded the "Outstanding Achievement in Photography Award" from
International Society of Photographers (USA). Yelana’s photo portfolio can be found on
professional website
If this exhibition causes a desire to visit Sardinia for leisure or to participate in photo workshop
taught by Yelena please send your requests through the page “contact us” on the website www.
                                                                Exhibition Curator: Sergey A. Porada
                                                                Editor of Runglobalmedia  
                                                                Member of IFJ
                                                                Artist, curator of international projects
By Yelena S. Kurdyumova
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may not be reproduced without written
June 16, 2018
Yelena S. Kurdyumova and her campaign manager Sergey A. Porada did media
coverage of Grandma's Marathon in Duluth, and wrote the news report regarding the
participation of Brooklyn Park residents in the competitions of Grandma's Marathon
On June 16, 2018, Duluth, Minnesota, hosted 42nd annual Grandma’s Marathon and
the 28th Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon. The abundance of festivities during the
weekend provides enjoyment for everyone and makes it truly world class event with
small town charm. 18 Brooklyn Park residents took part in different competitions. On
Friday, before the marathon, 2 Brooklyn Park residents ran 25th annual William A.
Irving 5K; on Saturday, 24 completed Half Marathon; 24 completed full Marathon; 2
people ran Half Great Grandma’s Challenge: Tasha Boyd, 43, finished Half Marathon
in 2:16:37 and 5K in 30:12 the day before, on Friday, and Keith Jullie, 46, finished
Half Marathon in 2:01:15 and 5K in 27:28.
Brooklyn Park runners didn’t grab a piece from $126,100 prize-money purse, but
had a lot of fun and confirmed their choice of healthy life-style. They didn’t hurry to
the finish line, enjoying beautiful views of Lake Superior North Shore and absence
of rain. The fastest Brooklyn Park runners in Half Marathon were: Alexander
Naughton, 22, with 1:17:42 finish time, placed 95th among 7577 finishers, and
Bethany Oberg, 30, finishing in 1:43:17. In Grandma’s Marathon the fastest runners
were Jesse Kling, 38, finishing with 3:33:43, and Emily Myers, 24, with 3:42:53.    
The candidate for Mayor of Brooklyn Park Yelena S. Kurdyumova, sport and travel
journalist-stringer, founder and editor of Runglobalmedia channel in YouTube,
attended Grandma’s events to support her friends and constituents - Brooklyn Park
runners, - and to make several video-reports about the events for Runglobalmedia
channel, inspiring to choose healthy lifestyle and to change life for the better. Watch
them on

Community editor Kevin Miller refused to publish this sports report, submitted as the
‘letter to the editor’ to newspaper Sun Post Brooklyn Park, by Sergey A. Porada , -
professional sports and travel journalist-stringer, member of International
Federation of Journalists (IFJ).
Miller called this report about international sports event an “advertisement” and
suggested Sergey to pay for publication of this ‘letter to the editor’ as for an
Sun Post Brooklyn Park discriminates against the candidate to Mayor of
Brooklyn Park Yelena S. Kurdyumova based on her national origin (Russian). This is
on-going national origin discrimination of Yelena by Sun Post Brooklyn Park.
On January 5, 2018, Miller demanded money for publication of ‘letter to the editor’,
calling it ‘advertisement,’ about the success of charter school: “Nasha Shkola –
High Quality Charter School, Eligible for Federal Grant” (click to see the article).
On March 9, 2018, Miller refused to publish the news release submitted by Sergey
Porada about his and Yelena Kurdyumova’s meeting with representative Nelson:
“State Rep. Nelson met in Minnesota State Capitol with innovative charter school
Nasha Shkola” (click to see the article). Miller put forward abusive and knowingly
unacceptable for professional journalist Sergey A. Porada conditions of publication
of his news release.
Miller, due to professional negligence or malicious intent, allowed the undermining
of election campaigns
of the candidate to Mayor of Brooklyn Park Yelena S.
Kurdyumova and the candidate to City Council of Brooklyn Park Marta Yakovleva,
and ongoing national origin abuse of persons having Russian last names.  
Miller's malicious neglect led to abusive distortion of the last name of the candidate
to City Council Marta Yakovleva (in two issues of Sun Post Brooklyn Park: Volume
74, #24, p. 26; Volume 74, #26, p. 3) and of the candidate to Mayor of Brooklyn Park
Yelena S. Kurdyumova (Volume 74, #26, p. 3). Websites of Brooklyn Park (http://www. ) and of Minnesota Secretary
of State contain correct names of these candidates: Yelena S. Kurdyumova and
Marta Yakovleva.
After Yelena’s request the corrections were published in Sun Post Brooklyn Park
issue of June 21, 2018 with correct last names of candidates Yakovleva and
However, the newspaper didn’t inform its readers and Yelena’s voters who initiated
national origin abuse of the candidates: were it seeking reelection incumbents
Mayor Lunde and Councilmember (East district) Terry Parks, or Kevin Miller on his
own initiative abused candidates striving to assist with reelection of incumbents.
Photo by Yelena S. Kurdyumova
Daniel Docherty,28, St. Paul, finished in Garry Bjorklund
Half Marathon with 1:04:10, 9th overall and 1st among
Minnesota runners.
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not be reproduced without written permission
Joint two-artist exhibition of Yelena S. Kurdyumova and Sergey A. Porada
was successfully held in May 16 – June 30, 2017 in Joseph Gazzuolo Fine
Arts Gallery in North Hennepin Community College, Brooklyn Park,
WATCH video presentation of this exhibition by Yelena S. Kurdymova on
Runglobalmedia channel in YouTube.
Read article about this exhibition in
Sun Post Brooklyn Park newspaper.
June 9, 2018.
Yelena Kurdyumova and Sergey Porada
attended Spartan Sprint Festival in Minnesota,
supported participants from Brooklyn Park, did
media coverage of the event, and made photos
and videos inspiring to choose healthy lifestyle
and to change life to the better

It  was held for the third year in a row on the hills
and slopes of Minnesota ski resort Welch Village.
According to Race Director Dylan Newman (
interview with him) 3200 runners from 20 US
States and 4 foreign countries participated in
Spartan Sprint Minnesota.
See more on

Watch video of men's elite start

Watch video of women's elite start and obstacles
Photo by Yelena S. Kurdyumova. Kellyn Taylor. 31, set
new course record of Grandma's Marathon in women's
race 2.24.29 on June 16, 2018 and became the first US
woman to win Grandma's marathon in the last 9 years
Watch video
of her winning finish and interview in
press center on
Photo by Yelena S. Kurdyumova. Elisha Barno of Kenya
won Grandma's Marathon 4th year straight on June 16,
2018 crossing with 2:10:06
. Watch video on
Yelena's Runglobalmedia Channel of his winning
finish and interview in press center.
In the summer of 2017 Yelena S.
Kurdyumova was elected to the
Board of Directors of charter
school Nasha Shkola which
moved from Minnetonka to
Brooklyn Park.
See article in
Sun Post Brooklyn
July 20, 2018
Photo-artist and curator of art exhibitions Yelena S
Kurdyumova visited the opening reception of the first
solo exhibition “As I was going along…” of well-known
artist Thomas Fluharty in Inez Greenberg Gallery at 1800
W. Old Shakopee Rd. Bloomington.
  At this exhibition Thomas is focusing on pop culture
icons, who have transcended into a larger than life type
  His work has been featured on covers for Mad
magazine, Der Spiegel, and Time Magazine, Weekly
Standard (over 100 covers), People Magazine,
Entertainment Weekly, Sports Illustrated, The Village
Voice, Coca-Cola, and the New York Times.
  Fluharty’s work has received national recognition from
the Society of Illustrators in New York and Los Angeles
and Communication Arts Illustration annuals. He won a
gold medal from Spectrum Fantastical Art for his
depiction of Hillary Clinton.
  His work is also in the personal collections of Astronaut
and Senator John Glenn, Pat Boone, Naomi Judd, the late
movie director Robert Altman.
  In the nearest future Yelena will meet with Thomas to
shoot video-interview/film about this exhibitionб the artist
and his art-works for Runglobalmedia channel on
YouTube. Subscribe to the channel and be happy!
Yelena S. Kurdyumova with Thomas Fluharty near his
self-portrait .
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and may not be reproduced without written permission
Make a note on your calendar to come to your polling place on  

November 6, 2016, between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. and                       for
Yelena S. Kurdyumova by writing her name into spare box for
Brooklyn Park Mayor on November 6, 2018 ballot
(according to
Minn. Stat. §204C.22 subd.4)
very important to spell my first and last name correctly MAKING
Y-E-L-E-N-A  S.  K-U-R-D-Y-U-M-O-V-A  and to stay within
the box. Don't put any of your signatures or initials.
Don’t place pre-printed stickers on the ballot in the write-in space !
See links to very interesting articles telling about multiple successes of voters in different
states, who achieved election of write-in candidates for public offices through writing in their
names into spare boxes on the ballots at general elections.
Senator Lisa Murkowski wins Alaska write-in campaign     
How 22,800 Write-In Votes Changed the Alabama Senate Election
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Wins as a Write-In Candidate…   
History: Write-in candidates that have been elected